October 2020 Ministry Update

Dear Friends of OHH,

As the newest member of the Missions Board and a long-time friend of Anita and Randy Trythall, I’d like to reach out to you with occasional updates on behalf of the ministry. I’ll also be serving as a point of contact to others wishing to help out on the home front with various state-side ministry activities and practical support, but for now, here’s a quick word on what’s been happening on the ground in Zambia: 

Due to travel restrictions, the Trythalls were unable to visit the United States this past summer as planned, and it’s been a long season of waiting, praying, and trying to stay healthy during the Covid pandemic. They’ve been keeping busy by tending to their garden, working on updating and repairing vehicles and equipment, and making plans to continue active ministry when possible.   Here’s a brief update in their words:

“A pandemic in third-world country is a difficult thing. Many people do not have access to reliable news and information about Covid-related health risks and recommended precautions, and if even when they do, essential items such as masks or even water to wash hands are hard to obtain and harder to keep. Also of deep concern is that in a country that was already struggling economically, the long-term impact of shut-downs can be devastating. We are deeply concerned not only about the virus, but of the loss of life to starvation. The long term goal, then, will be to put ourselves in a position to aggressively resume organic agricultural training and development to establish reliable and sustainable food sources for local communities.”

Sadly, like many other parts of the world, these activities have been severely limited due to formal restrictions and practical health concerns, but there have been a few bright spots.  The hope is that restrictions will be lessened enabling us to resume regular food distribution to the street kids of Kabwe. It will be challenging to do so in a safe, socially distanced manner, but the help is desperately needed

Our sincerest thanks to those who contributed donations of shoes and shipping costs to our Shoe Drive. These items were recently received and are being distributed to the kids in a safe manner!   Also received were the many other generous donations of equipment and housewares that will be of great help to the Trythalls in their efforts. We’re hoping to put another shipment together as soon as possible for departure from Lancaster on the next available date which will be in January 2021. To receive email updates about how to help, please subscribe on our Contact page.

We would also like to thank all of those faithful supporters who have continued to help financially despite the economic struggles in the U.S. We understand that many have had to pull back from giving temporarily due to these hardships, but for those who are able, your help is deeply appreciated. Funds are being used for personal support for the Trythall family, as well as to repair, upgrade, and purchase needed equipment and supplies in preparation for the next phase of ministry.

Thanks again to all of your for your prayers.  In the meantime, we continue to pray and wait and of course, stay healthy.

Sincerely in Christ,

Cathy Misciagna

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