Organic Based Agriculture Program

 Organic Based Agriculture Program (OBAP):

The goal of OBAP is to give people the skills they need to help break the cycle of poverty that so many are born into in Zambia.

How? The program is designed to train people to understand soil structure, composting, how to grow seedlings, save seeds and in some cases how to breed a more resistant plant to better suit the area they are living in.  It not only teaches them how to provide for themselves and their families, but also creates a source of income, and in some cases a healthier resource for the entire community.

The program is run by Randy Trythall with the assistance of Edricko Miller. The students will consist of young men and women who are chosen from the streets and surrounding areas along with specifically targeted villages. They agree to sign contract to commit to a three month voluntary class. We also sign the contract stating that we commit to training them for the three months. This way they have accountability and so do we. Classes are usually taught Monday through Friday from the hours of 7am until 12pm.  A daily lunch is provided by OHH, there is also a weekly Bible Study and and Soccer matches when time and weather allows.