Our Story

Anita and Randy Trythall are American missionaries with a uniquely African heritage.   Born in the “bush” to missionary parents, Anita uttered her first words in the tribal language of Chibemba, attended Zambian schools, and made lifelong friends as she grew up knowing Africa’s culture and people as her own.  As a young adult, she moved to the United States to make a new home and fully experience American life for the first time.  When she met Randy, he fell in love not only with her, but with her people.  He brought with him an expertise in organic agriculture and survival skills that would be invaluable in the mission field, and upon hearing Anita’s love and passion for the Zambian people, he was hooked.

Together, Anita and Randy feel called to bring their unique gifts and experiences back home to Africa.  Now, as much as ever, there is a dire need for the people of Zambia to develop an agricultural program that will lead them to self-sufficiency. The poverty is so deep that people sell their children into slavery because they cannot afford to feed them.  The older children are often sent away from home when as young as 14 or 15 years old to fend for themselves, because there is no other way to provide for them.  Many of the women resort to prostitution, and many fall victim to the AIDS epidemic, leaving a generation of children fatherless, motherless, homeless, and helpless.

These precious people need more than our prayers.   They need practical skills to provide for themselves, and most of all to give them hope for a better life for they and their children.   The Trythalls will strive to  do this by sharing the love of Jesus with all they meet, and by the various programs offered at the mission.

In 2009, Anita and Randy established a ministry in Zambia and moved there in 2010 with their two children, Henry and Catie. They returned to the States due to illness but the calling on their life in Zambia is not over. Their goal is to return permanently to the small town of Kabwe with a  vision and passion to serve the people by empowering them to become self-sufficient and to pass on their success to future generations.

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